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Looking for a meaningful way to mark the Bar\Bat Mitzvah?
A traditional and creative way that exactly fits your needs?

We invite you to mark the arrival of the age of observance in a
festive, family, meaningful and musical ceremony. 

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Photography: Yuri Skwerivski


Welcome to a fascinating journey that will allow you to reconnect with traditional, egalitarian, creative and embracing Judaism.

We are excited to be part of your Jewish journey. We know Israel has a special place in your heart and we are very experienced in figuring out with you the best way to come prepared for this special day. We offer guidance and assistance throughout the process, and are proud to enable you to have an Israeli Bar\Bat Mitzvah.

At the end of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony you will know not only how to read the Torah and put on tefillin, you will get to know your family better and be proud of your Judaism - just as you define it.

The journey is a family journey. All of us - men and women - sit together in the synagogue and take an active part in the Torah service.

Our Judaism is open to everyone - we have rich experience in holding Bar and Bat mitzvah ceremonies for boys and girls who face various difficulties and challenges, or who have special needs.

Together we will build a suitable, meaningful and exciting ceremony that suits your family.

Our rabbinical team speaks English and we have siddurim in Hebrew, English and Russian.

The ceremony can be photographed and filmed, and guests can zoom in during the ceremony.

A catered event can be held at the end of the ceremony in the community building. **

** The events will take place in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Green Label.

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Photography: Roei Hermony

Registration Process

Please contact the office to arrange a date for the ceremony by phone 04-8343905 or by sending an email to

Ceremonies can be held on Saturdays, Friday mornings or weekdays.

You are very welcome to watch (by prior arrangement) the Aliya Torah ceremony so that you can be impressed by our ceremonies.

We will then schedule an introductory online meeting with the rabbi to better acquaint yourself with the preparation process and to tailor the ceremony to your exact needs.

תהליך ההכנה

The preparation process for the ceremony includes two components that are done in parallel:


Preparatory workshop for the members of the mitzvah and their parents

We believe that understanding our tradition allows for an informed and wise choice. We also believe that a teenager grows up in a family where they absorb values and worldviews. Therefore, the learning process is family-oriented and is designed to equip you with knowledge, allow you to stop and think about your Judaism and provide basic tools for aliyah to the Torah. The basic workshop consists of 5 fascinating and experiential sessions and includes a tefillin laying ceremony. Workshop sessions are usually held on Wednesday afternoons.

In addition to the basic workshop, we offer a variety of enrichment pathways: social justice, deepening in sermon, deepening in prayer, coexistence and more. In the first conversation with the rabbi of the community, you can choose the routes that suit you, at no extra charge.

Learning to read the Torah - reading in flavors

Aliyah to the Torah is at the center of the Jewish maturation ceremony. The reading of the Torah varies according to the date and time of the ceremony, so it is done individually. The "New Light" community works with a number of experienced and excellent taste teachers who can prepare you for aliyah to the Torah. The process usually takes about three months, and includes 8-10 weekly lessons.  

About a month before the ceremony, you will meet with the rabbi / many who are conducting the ceremony for you. Together you can design the ceremony and adapt it to your family.

We are here for you at every stage to speak, guide and think together, to make sure you have an exciting, meaningful, happy and egalitarian ceremony.
Mazel Tov!

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