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הקריאה בתורה
בת מצוה Bat Mitzvah
ברכת ההורים Bar Mitzvah
מחלקים סוכריות
בת מצווה bat Mitzvah
מוציאים את ספר התורה
ברוכים הבאים

To the "New Light" community


To all who seek and want to take responsibility for their Jewish identity and act in light of it in the world.


Ask, be interested, be intrigued, deepen
And to create a renewed Jewish culture in Israel.

open space

For the spirit, for prayer, for creative and in-depth study
And to a rich and vibrant community life.


To turn ideas and values into deeds.


Bar / Bat Mitzvah

Mazel Tov!

Looking for a meaningful way to mark the bar / bat mitzvah?
A traditional and creative way that exactly fits your needs?

We invite you to mark the arrival of the age of observance in a festive, family, meaningful and musical ceremony. 

Welcome to a fascinating journey that will allow you to reconnect with traditional, egalitarian, creative and value-based Israeli Judaism.
At the end of the process you will not only know how to read the Torah and put on tefillin, you will get to know your family better and be proud of your Judaism - just as you define it.
The journey is a family journey. All of us - men and women - sit together in the synagogue and take an active part in the ascent to the Torah.
Our Judaism is open to everyone - we have rich experience in holding bar and bar mitzvah ceremonies for boys and girls who face various difficulties and challenges, or who have special needs.
Together we built a suitable, meaningful and exciting ceremony that suits you.

Do you have a family abroad that is interested in celebrating with us? We will be very happy! Our rabbinical team speaks English and we have arrangements in Hebrew, English and Russian.
The ceremony can be filmed in stills and video, and guests can zoom in during the ceremony.
An event can be held at the end of the ceremony in the community building *

* In accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Green Label


צור קשר

Our address

"New Light", Lyons Center for Advanced Judaism

55 Hantke St., 3460840, Haifa

Tel: 04-8343905 | 050-6904767


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