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Or Hadash: Emergency Fund for Israel

Help Or Hadash provide essential necessities – food, clothing, hygiene, spiritual support, and more – to families and active soldiers throughout Israel. As Israelis are still struggling to understand the depths of the atrocity, evil, and pain, we at Or Hadash have mobilized an extensive regional response. We need your help with two critical relief responses:

  1. Providing for Essential Needs: Active soldiers and evacuee families throughout Israel need food, clothing, hygiene, and more. Your donation ensures that no member of the larger community goes without crucial support. 

  2. Tending to Trauma-Induced Spiritual, Emotional, and Psychological Needs: In times of conflict, Or Hadash serves as a source of solace and strength for those facing the unimaginable. Your donation helps craft creative responses for those seeking care and spiritual nourishment.

Please donate now: 
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Since the day after the horrific massacres, Or Hadash has been: 


  • Hosting the largest collection center for equipment, food, and clothing for evacuees and soldiers in Israel’s north  

  • Providing pastoral care for the community 

  • Facilitating support groups for soldiers’ parents, led by our volunteer psychologists  

  • Offering resilience-building workshops to the wider public 

  • Creating almost daily spiritual programming to nourish souls and recharge spirits. 

Or Hadash stands as a pillar of strength and anchor of support for Israel’s north. As needs arise, we respond – Hineinu – we are here. Be our partner to comfort a shocked, frightened, and exhausted nation.  

Please donate now: 
Paypal Donation (non tax-deductible):
501c(3) Tax Exempt Donations: Click Here
Contact us about a donation:
Click Here

Overseas Membership

We invite You, wherever you are in the world, to make Or Hadash your home away from home.

Become a member, be a part of a growing congregation that makes a difference in people’s lives and in Israel.


Become a member - Get updates, special online events and Friday night home hospitality when you come visit.

Suggested Membership fees – 250$-500$.


Become “Shutafim” (partners) – Get exclusive online events, 2 personal calls with our rabbis and help us strengthen and build Or Hadash.

Suggested “Shutafim” fees – 1000$-1800$


Welcome to the Or Hadash family!

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TBE Congregation Members ONLY

Donors should go to the Tzedakah Form, located here

  • Fill out all information, as requested.

  • Halfway down the form, there is a section "Recognition". Donors should list their names and on the drop-down menu, elect "Israel Connection"

  • The next line asks if you would like to make the gift in honor/memory of someone/something. Click the box and another section will open. 

  • Click "Honor" and then in the "Honor" section, type  Israel Hadash Fund

  • Complete the rest of the form.


Should donors write a check or transfer from a foundation or Donor Advised Fund, they should simply put in the memo Israel Connection/Hadash Fund.

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